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Choose how text pages are shown on your website

As always here at Layerspace we have not been resting on our laurels and we have introduced a great new feature which allows you to customise the look of text pages on your website. Now when you edit a text page you will find an option at the top to select the page format (this is not available with some of our designs).
You can choose between the default layout which is a single text column approximately 500 pixels wide, a dual column layout with two columns of equal width side by side, or a full width column which will change size according to the size of the screen.

In addition to this feature we have enabled the uploading of much larger images for showing on text pages. This means you can show a full width image in the full width text column. This feature has been added in response to some requests from our customers.

We love hearing suggestions from customers about how we can improve our services and products, so if you think of something that would improve what we offer, please let us know!

Merry Christmas!
Andy Eaves