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LayerSpace tops Google search for websites for photographers!

We are very pleased to see that a Google search for ‘websites for photographers’ (on – we’re 5th at produces a rather attractive result with us at Numero Uno! We have reached this exalted status by virtue of  you the visitor coming to us when you need a photography website to show your images online.  Of course we would also extrapolate from this that it is because we are the number one choice for photography websites!

We have had a slight hiccup in our continuing quest to improve and update our services due to the fact that our head honcho has broken his ankle, but he should be out of the cast in 3 weeks so we expect to be back on track very soon.

On the agenda are new templates, both Flash and HTML, as well as a built in HTML version of every website. This will improve SEO and allow visitors using an iPad to see your site if you use a Flash template, which Steve Jobs at Apple has decided for some reason are not worth looking at. Obviously we disagree but we will strive to ensure that this does not affect visitors to the websites we provide!