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New feature: you can now embed movies in your LayerSpace website

Our elves have been hard at work once again and we have now added the facility to embed movies into your website.  More and more photographers are being asked to take movie footage as well as stills now that modern digital SLRs have HD video capability and many of our customers have requested this feature, so here it is.

We decided to take advantage of the powerful video hosting platforms which already exist in the form of YouTube and Vimeo since they both allow video to be embedded on third part websites.  Whilst YouTube does the job perfectly well we are recommending our customers use Vimeo as their video player interface is considerably more stylish and it therefore matches our websites!  Vimeo also offer a pro account which allows their branding to be removed, meaning your website will look that much more professional.

So log in to your account and try it out, or if you haven’t got an account with us yet, why not try us out? It’s free!