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See how easily you can sell your photos online and set up online picture proofing

Have you been wanting to sell your photos online but never found a simple, cost-effective solution?

Just imagine that your client is able to quickly and easily choose which photos of their wedding they want to order. Or imagine that anyone around the world can purchase one of your sweeping landscape shots at just a click of a button. Or maybe you have a big set of photographs for an ad campaign and you need the art director to choose their favourite.

LightBox from Layerspace offers all that. Here’s an introduction to the simplest and most effective photo selling solution online.

Sell direct to clients or the entire world

There are two different ways of using the LightBox to give you a choice over how you want to sell your photos.

The first creates an e-commerce website which opens up a selection of your photos for anyone in the world to buy. You specify the prices and what sizes are available and you can start selling through your own Paypal account in minutes.

The other system gives your clients a simple intuitive way to buy photos from you. They can view the photos from the event (for example, a wedding) and then order just the photos they want, with options to mark photos as favourites or add comments.

3 Simple Steps to Set Up Your Lightbox

LightBox is included with many of our photography website packages. Otherwise, you can add it as an option for just £5 a month. Then, it’s just 3 simple steps to set up online picture proofing and sell your prints online.

Online Picture Proofing for Clients

Screen shot of online proofing

screen shot of online proofing

1. Create a new Space and add images
2. Set the Space to be a LightBox
3. Send the link to your client

Clients can then:
1. Select images by drag and drop
2. Add comments to each image and to the whole selection
3. Send the selection to you

Sell Prints Online with Paypal

screen shot of checkout window

screen shot of checkout window

1. Create a price list or lists
2. Set the Space to be a LightBox and enable selling
3. Choose the images you want to sell

Customers can then:
1. Click ‘BUY’ next to the image they like
2. Choose options and quantity from the price list options
3. Checkout via PayPal or by sending you an email

Try it out!

So now you have seen how you can sell your photos online in minutes, why not try out LightBox right now?