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Selling tool nearing completion

I have almost finished the selling tool.
This is primarily aimed at people who wish to sell prints but it can also be used to sell any item which is in an image. All you need to do is describe the item in the title and caption, create a selling group and set the image to be for sale.
A buy button will apear next to the image in your Space, which when clicked will take the buyer to an options page. They can then add the image to their order, carry on to the checkout, or return to buy more!

Selling can be linked to your PayPal account very easily so you can take online payments.
To enable selling you must have the LightBox option.

The user manual has not been updated yet but will be in the very near future. In the meantime, if you want to know more, please contact LayerSpace, or if you already a member, log in and go to the ‘jump to’ menu and choose ‘selling groups’