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Split an image gallery into sub-galleries

Another new feature from LayerSpace websites – it’s been a while coming because there was a lot of work to do and we wanted to make sure it was right. You can now choose to split a gallery into sub-galleries which gives you the potential for a lot of flexibility in the way you set up your website. For instance you may have a gallery heading of ‘Landscapes’ and you can split the gallery into ‘Seascapes’, ‘Architectural’, ‘China’ and ‘Abstract’. Or you could choose to call the main gallery ‘Clients’ and add sub-galleries for each of your customers, maybe password protecting them for good measure!

We hope this new feature will be very useful for you. If you think of a feature which would improve your LayerSpace website please let us know – we do our best to accommodate customer requests and some of our most popular features came about as a result of customer feedback.