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What makes us different

I was wondering what to write for a new post and I thought why not give my take about what makes LayerSpace a different proposition to our competitors in the field of photographers’ websites.

The major goal for us has always been what I call ‘graphic minimalism’, meaning that our designs try to reduce the impact of anything that might detract from the content of the website – your photographs. This means the menu is kept simple and we don’t really go in for lines everywhere or strange backgrounds and so on. The facility is there if you choose to use it but if you use one of our designs straight out of the box so to speak then you will have a stripped back minimal website designed to show off the images.

I began designing and building websites in about 1999 – a lifetime ago in web terms – and back then if a photographer had a website it would be an extremely messy affair. It would have a big wedge of text under a badly made pixellated logo, with a few photos in a column under the text. The type would be in a nasty font, all centred on the page but not justified, so it was difficult to read. It would almost certainly have a black background with white type, making it very tiring on the eyes and difficult to read.

So I started having a go at designing my own site. I stripped out as much text as I could to let the images speak for themselves. I used a white background to try to make the images look as if they were on the walls of an art gallery, and I tried to make the navigation as simple as I possibly could.

Since that time the web has moved on a great deal and now a website is an absolute necessity as a marketing and promotional tool for photographers, rather than being an interesting novelty, but the fundamental requirements of a photography website have not changed very much at all. We still believe that the most important element of a website built for a photographer is the photographs, and the design should complement and enhance them while being essentially invisible – stripped back minimalism rules!

I see a lot of websites in my day to day work and some are excellent but there are still a huge number of photographers whose website still looks like a throwback to the late 90s. The idea of clean minimal design is widespread but although many companies claim to provide designs in this mould I see very few which follow through on those claims, and that is where I believe LayerSpace is different. This somewhat uncompromising approach means that maybe our designs are not for everyone but we believe they will suit the most discerning amongst you!

So that is my outline of the philosophy behind LayerSpace, hopefully it will give you an idea of what we are about and help you to decide if we are the right company to provide your website.

Andy Eaves