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Page design – typography

When you create a Space you are given a choice of several fonts or typefaces to use for various aspects of the design. You are strongly advised to stick with one of the preset font themes that can be set in the configuration section.

If you decide to change one or more fonts it is generally advisable to keep the links in a simple font and maybe make the captions and text a different one.

The most obvious place to experiment is with the logo heading and sub heading.
These could be wilder fonts than the rest of the text as they are more of a graphic device than a piece of text that needs to be read easily.

The heading and sub heading can be changed around to a greater extent than other text (an that’s before we get to logo images) so play around – try all capitals or all lower case. Try the subheading the same size as the heading but in a different typeface or colour (or both).