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New options for iPads and tablets and home link from logo

Continuing our mission to fulfil every request from our customers we have added a couple of new features. You can now choose whether your website visitors will see the mobile version or the full version of your site if they are using an iPad or other tablet. This will only apply if you are using an HTML design. If you are using a Flash design the mobile version of the site will be shown. The mobile version of the site will still be shown on iPhones and other smartphones and mobiles. To set this option please use the ‘details’ tab when configuring your website.

Another small feature we have added is the option to make your logo a clickable link back to the home page. This will apply to the logo whether it is text or an image. To set this option please go the logo tab when configuring your website.

As ever if you need any help with any features of your website, just ask.

Announcing Fusion a new level of customisation

We are delighted to announce the launch of Fusion, a new design which adds a whole new level of customisation options to your LayerSpace website.

The design starts with a version of one of our recent HTML5 designs and then adds options to change the position of logo, menu, navigation and a whole lot more, so you can get your website looking exactly as you want it to, all with a few mouse clicks!

To get started with Fusion just go to the configure settings for your website and change the template to Fusion. You will then have the option of changing the new settings. If you don’t like it just return to your previous design and nothing will have changed.

Have fun with it and let us know your feedback so we can keep improving.

New social media bar feature

We hope your year is going well and you have not been flooded out!
We are very pleased to announce the launch of the social media ‘bar’. This is a strip of icons which can be placed in one of several places on your website page and has links to all your social networking platforms – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and so on. You can add a Facebook like button and all sorts of other links to get your visitors sharing your website and increase your exposure.

To add the bar to your website click the social links button on the left hand menu when editing your site. If you find that you chosen social media platform is not represented please let us know and we will try to add it to the list.

Thanks to all our new ‘likers’ on Facebook!

We are making an effort to build up the Facebook page so many thanks to all who have recently ‘liked’ the page. We will be sharing news updates and the odd special offer via Facebook so stay tuned!

New designs Horizon and Vertigo using extra large images

We are delighted to announce the arrival of our latest designs. Horizon and Vertigo are built using the latest HTML5 coding which means they give a smooth animated performance optimised for all browsers.  The designs incorporate images text and thumbnails which fade in smoothly giving some of the effects for which Flash is renowned but using an HTML (ie non Flash) framework.

The new designs make the most of our latest development – extra large images. The new size of image can be up to 1250 pixels wide and 900 pixels high to give your images a truly screen filling appearance.  Check out the new designs now or try them out on your website – they are available if you are on price plan Standard or higher.

View Vertigo »

View Horizon »

New feature: you can now embed movies in your LayerSpace website

Our elves have been hard at work once again and we have now added the facility to embed movies into your website.  More and more photographers are being asked to take movie footage as well as stills now that modern digital SLRs have HD video capability and many of our customers have requested this feature, so here it is.

We decided to take advantage of the powerful video hosting platforms which already exist in the form of YouTube and Vimeo since they both allow video to be embedded on third part websites.  Whilst YouTube does the job perfectly well we are recommending our customers use Vimeo as their video player interface is considerably more stylish and it therefore matches our websites!  Vimeo also offer a pro account which allows their branding to be removed, meaning your website will look that much more professional.

So log in to your account and try it out, or if you haven’t got an account with us yet, why not try us out? It’s free!