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New feature: you can now embed movies in your LayerSpace website

Our elves have been hard at work once again and we have now added the facility to embed movies into your website.  More and more photographers are being asked to take movie footage as well as stills now that modern digital SLRs have HD video capability and many of our customers have requested this feature, so here it is.

We decided to take advantage of the powerful video hosting platforms which already exist in the form of YouTube and Vimeo since they both allow video to be embedded on third part websites.  Whilst YouTube does the job perfectly well we are recommending our customers use Vimeo as their video player interface is considerably more stylish and it therefore matches our websites!  Vimeo also offer a pro account which allows their branding to be removed, meaning your website will look that much more professional.

So log in to your account and try it out, or if you haven’t got an account with us yet, why not try us out? It’s free!

Great news! new pricing structure introduced

We are delighted to announce that we have just restructured our pricing system. This is good news for everyone – if you are an existing customer your price plan may have been renamed, but you will now either be paying less for the same or improved feature set, or you will be paying the same for a much improved feature set.  We guarantee that no customer will lose out from this.  Improved features may include more images, more galleries and text pages or inclusive options which were previously an extra cost option.

And new customers gain too – there is now NO SET UP FEE and we have introduced a new ‘Starter’ level at just £6.50 per month which will help those needing one of our stylish websites but at an even lower price than before!

Check out the <a href=’’>new pricing page</a> and see what you have gained!

New feature! Add introductory text before an image gallery

In response to several requests from our customers we have introduced the option to show an introductory text page before an image gallery.
This may be useful for giving a few words of explanation about the images in the gallery or for a quick explanation of how to purchase products.  Those are just a few examples of how you could use it – let us know what other ideas you have!

New CMS – you can now arrange the menu in any order you like

We are pleased to announce the introduction of our redesigned content management system. We have been working on this for quite a while now to enable us to introduce some new features in the next few months. In the meantime you should find the layout a little easier to use but all the main elements are still in place and should be quite easily accessible.  Please contact support if you have any difficulties.

The main feature is that you can now arrange the menu with galleries and text pages in whatever order you wish – have a look and check it out!

New feature – move images between galleries

We have just added a new feature to the content management system. In response to several requests from our customers you can now move images between galleries without having to delete them and re-upload to a new gallery. This should save time and hassle when re-ordering a website.

To move an image, click on its thumbnail in the gallery edit page. Under the boxes to change title and caption is a drop down list of your other galleries for that website. Just select the new gallery and click move image. The image will be added to the end of the new gallery.

We love hearing from customers about the features they would like to see – if you think of something that would make our content management system better or improve our products, please let us know!

Kodak bankrupt it’s the end of an era

I felt a twinge of sadness today on hearing the news that Kodak have filed for bankruptcy protection. Being a photographer of a certain age I began my career using Kodak products and spent many an hour loading dark slides with Ektachrome as well as Nikons with Tri-x. The sadness doesn’t come from feeling sorry for the company – that’s their fault and they had a good run for their (our) money – but from realising that the world has changed and photography will never be the same. Digital technology has arrived and is here to stay and I for one love it – the quality and instant results just cannot be ignored, but it has sentenced an entire industry and in some respects a way of life to the scrap heap in a very short space of time.

Just ten years ago I would buy a few hundred sheets of 5″ x 4″ film and a few boxes of Polaroid 54 and I’d be ready for a day’s shoot. At the end of the day there would be that nervous wait while the lab processed the first few sheets of film; did I remember to stop the lens down? Did the assistant load the film the right way round? Did the lab drop all the film in the bottom of the machine? Did the courier get knocked off his bike on the way back to the studio? All these things and more happened at some time or other and all these thoughts would be sitting at the back of my mind putting me off my post shoot beer with the art director. Then what a sense of relief when the film arrived back and all was well!

Now it is all so easy which admittedly means a lot less worrying but also it has made photography a less engaging pastime and in a sense removed the craft from the whole thing which is for me where the sadness lies.

Good luck Kodak in saving yourself – Fujifilm seem to be doing OK so take a leaf out of their book.
Andy Eaves