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Showing images on the web

Having been involved in building and designing websites for photographers and artists for over 12 years, I feel I am entitled to have an opinion about the design basics upon which to base a website primarily to show images.

I have seen a great many websites which are built with the aim of getting as many images on the home page as will fit, in the hope that a scattergun approach will mean that every visitor will like something.

In reality this has precisely the opposite effect, with the result being a mess of different shapes and colours all fighting for attention.

Whenever I advise on a new site I suggest an opening image is used chosen from the photographer’s favourites. This gives impact but keeps everything simple, and if there’s one thing that visitors like, it’s simplicity. A LayerSpace website gives you the option of using a text page as a homepage, or several options for using an image. My advice is always to go for the ‘HomePage’ option which gives you a special gallery in which to upload a select few of your best images. One of them is chosen at random to appear on the first page of your site. This has the added benefit of giving visitors a different image when they (hopefully) return again.