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Using web forwarding

The following web addresses (URLs) are all valid for your LayerSpace default Space, or your HomeSpace if you have one:

You can also use:
where spacenumber is the reference number of the Space you are linking to.

The URL for every Space is shown on the Space bar when you are editing.

The reason I am mentioning all this, in case you are wondering, is that this URL can be used as a destination web address for a domain name.

Let’s say you have bought the domain name ‘’. If you have bought it from a reputable company you should get free web and emaill forwarding. You can set the web forwarding too point to the URL of the Space you want as your main website. Then whenever someone types in ‘’ to a web browser, they will be taken to your LayerSpace.

If you use ‘framing’ or ‘cloaking’ the domain name will stay in the address bar of the browser and your visitors will be none the wiser.